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kim bum oppa = perfect role model

gue baca ini dari bumsso :

Ever the perfectionist, 20 year old Kim Bum says he would rather die than to lose.

On ratings:

Kim Bum’s change from a pretty boy to a tough guy in Dream was a hot issue. “Dream’s” competitor drama, “Queen Seon Duk”, has limited the ratings for Dream to single digits.

“Honestly, I thought Dream would be able to catch up to Queen Seon Duk. (Laughs) Previously, Boys Over Flowers was also competing with East of Eden, which was already enjoying ratings of 30%. Because of this, I thought Dream could also catch up to Queen Seon Duk, but the ratings for that drama has already gone over 40%. How can a drama be that popular? When Dream ends, I’m going to watch it too.”

For someone who has always been enjoying drama ratings success, it would only be natural for them to feel a little disappointed with the current ratings, but 20 year old Kim Bum deals with it coolly.

“When I’m at the gym, I turn the TVs on the treadmills around me to MBC, SBS and KBS2, and compare the shows. I think Dream is the most interesting, and I turn all the TVs to Dream, but by 11pm more than half of the screens would have been changed back to show Queen Seon Duk. Haha.”

On kiss scenes:

Your kiss with Son Dam Bi in the drama has become a hot topic.

“Kiss scene? Its only a peck, really. (Laughs) Even though it wasn’t my original intention, I have done many kiss scenes. One with Nam Gyu Ri-ssi in the movie Gosa (even though it got edited out), one with Kim Byul-ssi in the movie Flight, and also one with Park Min Young-ssi in Unstoppable High Kick. The one that drew the most discussion was the kiss I did for a movie with Wonder Girls’ So Hee. Even at the movie premiere, I received a scary amount of threats.

The kiss scene in Dream was not an easy one either. Because Son Dam Bi is around 5 years older than me, I felt a little awkward calling her ‘nuna’, and rarely used the term. Our kiss scene happened only after we had become a little closer to one another. The kiss scene wasn’t in the script originally, but appeared suddenly after the director edited the draft for episode 6. It wasn’t my intention to have the kiss either. We were a little awkward when we asked each other “Did you see it?”, but when it came down to actual filming, we finished the scene with minimal NGs.”

Kim Bum says there are many similarities between Dream’s Lee Jang Seok and himself.

“(Lee Jang Seok) is a lonely character who is secretly tender at heart but puts on a tough facade. He’s never had people around him, but begins to receive warmth after meeting Nam Je Il and the people from the gymnasium/boxing school. However, even though he has Nam Je Il, Park Byung Sam and Park So Yeon to support him, in the boxing ring he has to fight alone, and stands under the spotlight all by himself. It’s the same for an actor. Without my manager and stylist, I am just a normal Kim Bum. My dream has become our dream. I also hope I can give our staff an environment where they will not get hurt and can work happily.”

On competition:

For a twenty old person, he speaks in a fairly serious tone. He possesses a mature composure and logic sense, and throughout the interview he speaks in a manner that is well beyond his years. Until now, 80% of his competitive nature has driven him.

“I can’t stand losing, even if its only rock-paper-scissors. I wanted to win, even during a recent game CF filming with Park Mi Seon sunbae-nim. Because she has children of her own, Park Mi Seon sunbae-nim had already played the game a few times before, but for me it was my first time playing that game. We were supposed to act like we were having lots of fun playing, but I was so focused on winning that I forgot to speak, and the producers had to jump out to remind me, “Please say something!”. But anyway, I won eventually.”

If it will become a disturbance to my work, I would rather sacrifice my relationships.

“I’m someone who really likes working and have a workaholic nature. If it will become a disturbance to my work, I can shut myself off from people. Even if its very subtle, just one stray thought can interfere with the atmosphere on set, so I almost never check my phone. I don’t check it, even if there might be more than 10 missed calls or messages. I guess its because of my ‘hating to lose’ personality.”

His goal is to act better than his competitors.

“They say acting is like a marathon. Even though I’ve left the starting line, I still can’t see the finishing line yet. I think I’ll feel the same way, even when I’m 30 years old. Compared to the distance I have come so far, there is still a long road ahead. Without looking back, I aim to go long distances to find my goal, and at the same time control my own pace.”

credit : bumsso blog

lo liat??
emang gue udah bisa liat itu sejak di haptic mission. dia bener bener pekerja keras banget.
baca postingan gue sebelumnya disini.

gue tidak boleh kalah dari kim bum oppa!


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