Minggu, 09 September 2012

Milani The Multitasker Face Powder in 04 Light Tan Review

Heiho!! How is your holiday?

Well, one of my recent purchase is this Milani Multitasker Powder..

Did you have tried this before?

Milani The Multitasker Face Powder in No. 04 Light Tan
Net Weight : 0.37 oz / 10.5gr
 Price : Rp80.000 or $7 exclude shipping

I bought this thru Valent's spree in FemaleDaily forum.. I got obsessed with Xteneeers videos lately and wathing it over and over again and this powder used to be staple product in her most recent tutorials!
To be honest im not a fan of a face powder because I like if my face look glowy but in terms to prevent my foundation get slide of easily, therefore I need to dust some powder as a finishing touch to set everything in place.

Actually, before confirming to order this, I am got doubt to choose between Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, or Milani.. I definetely wont order three or two of them because like I said I dont like using powder on my face. But I ended up order the Milani one because I didn't know about my shade in Maybelline and I had known my shade in Milani since I have a same shade with Xteneeer. And the Rimmel one seems unpractical for bringing around because it doesn't provide brush or sponge. Thats why I ended up choosing this.

Haha sorry it takes quite long just me rambling about how can i get this powder. Hehe.

Lets take a closer look to the product!

First, this came with a gold glamour package with a mirror and powder sponge on the inside. I love the colour and the sponge reminds me with a sponge on MAC powder except this in gold colour.
This was quite big and must be taking alot spaces on makeup bag. But dont let the package size fooling you. Despite the pretty flower embossed pattern, the powder is so thin and just had weight of 10.5gr.

This powder has Talc as a main ingredients which some people avoid to. And it also has Fragrance *eventhough i can't smell any scent on it*. But the good thing is I cant find any Paraben written there.

Texture wise, it feel so buttery when I touch it with my finger. The particle is super fine and doesn't look powdery at all. And its totally matte which is can't give you any glow whatsoever.

They said this was a multipurpose powder which can used as a finishing, setting or blot powder and has light to medium coverage and can say that all was true! As you can see from the picture under, it can't hide any flaws on my face which means that this can't be used by itself *except you already has a flawless goddess skin*. But the goodness are this powder won't look caked up and 'fake' on you skin. It seems can fill in any spaces in you pores nice & perfectly, making it look more flawless.

  I love how it match perfectly with my medium yellow skintone. I'm not sure though but I guess I am about NC30 in MAC shades as a reference. As Xteeener said before this was one of the most yellow powder that she can find among other drugstore brand. And you can also find your perfect shade even you have a pink undertone since they had quite much range of shades.

For oil control, I can say this not that good. I have a dry to normal skin and this can't hold too long on my skin. But I didn't say I hate this since I am a huge fan of dewy kind of look so this would be no problem for me. Because this didn't make my skin look like a graseball either.

So to sum up, I am quite satisfied with this stuff in my first impression.
I hope you find this post helpful and have a great Monday! :)