Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Review : Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight Silky & Straight Shampoo with a fusion of honeysuckle & silk

Hello :D
Recently i tried some shampoo and i quite like from the herbal essences one tough so i need to make a review about this one :)

Herbal Essences
Dangerously Straight Silky & Straight Shampoo
with a fusion of honeysuckle & silk

Price : Rp18.000/$2 for 160ml

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Yes the bottle is PINK! yaaaaay >.<
I'm crazy about anything pink.

There are another type of this shampoo like for dandruff, long hair, or colour hair, etc.
But i choose the straight hair because i have a frizzy long hair, and since they promising a silky straight result so it must has a ingredients that that can condition & moisturize my hair so my hair should be less frizzy

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They said that this one contain Silky extract & Honeysuckle Flower extract in it.
The instruction was so cute! :D haha

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The bottle itself was quite big! I use generous amount when i use this because it will take me a long time to finish this. And i'm a type of person who get boring easily.. :p So i must finish it up as soon as i can.

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It has a push cap so it's more easy to use.

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The texture a little bit runny compared to the other brand.

I find that this shampoo is not give me a dramatic result on my hair.
My hair just feel less frizzy & sleek. But, i find that my hair is more straight & more easy to manage.
Just make sure that you also use a conditioner after using this shampoo to get the best result. Actually, this Dangerously Straight version has a conditioner along the shampoo, but i just purchase the shampoo because it out of stock at the moment.

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I like to use this shampoo along with this Sunsilk Soft & Smooth Nourishing Conditioner after I rinse the shampoo and Sunsilk Damage Treatment Serum while my hair was half dry condition after shampooing.

Do visit their website to know more about this brand : http://www.herbalessences.com/en-US/hair-care

Next time i'm going to try their Long Term Relationship one for long hair :D

Thanks and have a good day everyone :)