Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

Gwendolyn Beautycare Body Mist & Body Lotion

Hello, a week ago I ordered some things from Gwendolyn beauty care to stock up a few things since I have ran up mine & I have no time to visit their offline store, so I sent them email & order anything online.

If you havent heard about this brand before, you can check their Facebook page for more information. They also have a website here.

Actually, i just want to order some of Sandy Sweetpea bodymist, but since there are minimal order when you purchasing online, I add one body lotion instead. And, out of my expectation, they so kind and sent me 2 more things as a bonuses which are a Mandy Mango body lotion & a teddy bear doll which is currently hanging on my mirror. (^v^)

Okay, move on to the review of the product.

The first time I smells sweet pea scent is from Gwendolyn Sandy Sweetpea body lotion that Stephanie sent for me as a gift. And I love this scent so much ever since.
I was looking around for a sweet pea body mist but Gwendolyn havent launch their body mist scent yet at the moment so I purchased one from Bath and Body Works (BBW) for $9 (they actually just cost $5 in BBW site). Now I had run out my BBW sweet pea fragrance mist as you can see in the picture and fortunately Gwendolyn had released their body mist range while ago so I can get much cheaper substitute for the sweetpea fragrance mist. They just cost $4 for 100ml which is awesome. ヽ(^。^)丿
At first, I thought they will be smell just the same, but they are actually not. They have a basic sweetpea scent but the BBW one is kind of stronger and has less of an alcoholy scent wether Gwendolyn one is softer but has a lot of alcohol scent to it when I am compared two in my hand. But actually you cant smell the alcohol at all when you spritz on the body mist into your body. I personally prefer the Gwendolyn one since it is more softer so it has less probability to me get a headache. I always spritz on this body mist on to my room if I want to get something like a mood booster. Hehe.
For the staying power, I can say BBW is the winner since it has less alcohol on it (^~^) but again, how long a body mist can gives you a staying power? So dont hope too much from this.

Next product is their body lotion. I have in Sandy Sweetpea, Sayuri Sakura and Mandy Mango one. Their in 25ml travel size. Actually, im not a body lotion person. So I rarely using this three hehe.

The Sandy Sweetpea has an exactly same scent with the body mist which I really adore! (*^▽^*) And it has a more bold scent comparing to the Sayuri Sakura & Mandy Mango.

The next is Sayuri Sakura that I kind of familiar with the scent at the first time I smell it. But I have no idea what product that has a same scent like this untill now. It has a more mild & sweet scent. Haha please bear with me since I am not good at describing a scent~ but im not like this one since I guess you can get a scent like this in another local product that more cheap & easier to reach.

And for the Mandy Mango one, it does exactly smells like a mango juice besides this is not as strong as a mango juice. And since I am not a big fan of mango juice, this is just an okay scent for me.. Hehe (v^_^)v

For the packaging sides, I do really like them. They have a push cap so it feel more convinient especially when you using them on outside home. And the design is to cute to resist! Oh, and the body lotion will cost you about $3 for 25ml and they have another economic size as well that is much cheaper.
For the texture, they have a soft jellish or creamy lotion texture. And a little goes a looong way..
You can fell the moisture on your skin for about 2-3 hours, I think? not really sure since I just rarely using this lotion. And for the scent, it can last for 1-2 hours. Not that bad for the price..

So yeah thats my review for some of the product range from Gwendolyn brand.
I wish i can try another scent and their antibacterial hand lotion in the next time.
Comment bellow if you have tried their product or willing to get after you read this. Happy weekend everyone and keeping your body get rest enough since like everyone got sick nowadays including me.
Bye~ ヽ(^。^)丿