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Minggu, 09 September 2012

Milani The Multitasker Face Powder in 04 Light Tan Review

Heiho!! How is your holiday?

Well, one of my recent purchase is this Milani Multitasker Powder..

Did you have tried this before?

Milani The Multitasker Face Powder in No. 04 Light Tan
Net Weight : 0.37 oz / 10.5gr
 Price : Rp80.000 or $7 exclude shipping

I bought this thru Valent's spree in FemaleDaily forum.. I got obsessed with Xteneeers videos lately and wathing it over and over again and this powder used to be staple product in her most recent tutorials!
To be honest im not a fan of a face powder because I like if my face look glowy but in terms to prevent my foundation get slide of easily, therefore I need to dust some powder as a finishing touch to set everything in place.

Actually, before confirming to order this, I am got doubt to choose between Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, or Milani.. I definetely wont order three or two of them because like I said I dont like using powder on my face. But I ended up order the Milani one because I didn't know about my shade in Maybelline and I had known my shade in Milani since I have a same shade with Xteneeer. And the Rimmel one seems unpractical for bringing around because it doesn't provide brush or sponge. Thats why I ended up choosing this.

Haha sorry it takes quite long just me rambling about how can i get this powder. Hehe.

Lets take a closer look to the product!

First, this came with a gold glamour package with a mirror and powder sponge on the inside. I love the colour and the sponge reminds me with a sponge on MAC powder except this in gold colour.
This was quite big and must be taking alot spaces on makeup bag. But dont let the package size fooling you. Despite the pretty flower embossed pattern, the powder is so thin and just had weight of 10.5gr.

This powder has Talc as a main ingredients which some people avoid to. And it also has Fragrance *eventhough i can't smell any scent on it*. But the good thing is I cant find any Paraben written there.

Texture wise, it feel so buttery when I touch it with my finger. The particle is super fine and doesn't look powdery at all. And its totally matte which is can't give you any glow whatsoever.

They said this was a multipurpose powder which can used as a finishing, setting or blot powder and has light to medium coverage and can say that all was true! As you can see from the picture under, it can't hide any flaws on my face which means that this can't be used by itself *except you already has a flawless goddess skin*. But the goodness are this powder won't look caked up and 'fake' on you skin. It seems can fill in any spaces in you pores nice & perfectly, making it look more flawless.

  I love how it match perfectly with my medium yellow skintone. I'm not sure though but I guess I am about NC30 in MAC shades as a reference. As Xteeener said before this was one of the most yellow powder that she can find among other drugstore brand. And you can also find your perfect shade even you have a pink undertone since they had quite much range of shades.

For oil control, I can say this not that good. I have a dry to normal skin and this can't hold too long on my skin. But I didn't say I hate this since I am a huge fan of dewy kind of look so this would be no problem for me. Because this didn't make my skin look like a graseball either.

So to sum up, I am quite satisfied with this stuff in my first impression.
I hope you find this post helpful and have a great Monday! :)

Sabtu, 25 Agustus 2012

Wardah Sunscreen Gel SPF 30

Since now is summer and we can never get enough of suncreen on these days, i found my love already and thank you God that was a local product that available almost everywhere here!

Wardah Sunscreen Gel
Price : Rp26.000 or $3 / 30ml

You can get this on any Wardah Counter or local cosmetics store. I bet you wouldnt find any hard to get this product.

They came just in one size and in a plastic tube packaging. Quite practical when youre in a hurry or to bring on when travelling. Not that much we can talk about packaging though..

Lets talk about the ingredients then.
I dont really know that much pros and cons about chemical ingredients and what should choose or what should avoid. What i noticed the most is this sunscreen has dimethicone or silicony based on it. And some people cant used to it either it would causing acne or any other skin problem on them. So people with sensitive skin should be aware.

The texture is jellish lotion and somewhat among thick and runny. Its definitely wont hard to blend but would be a little bit sticky at first. And the key is you need some time to get it properly blended in terms to heal the stickyness feeling.
Honestly i like this type of texture and kind of match with my dehydrated dry to normal skin *yes my skin type got changed since i move to bandung and using retinoid -.-* because it feel moisturizing also prepare and smoothen my skin before i use foundation. And i dont think i need extra moisturizer except my skin feel super dry at the moment.

About this suncreen staying power, i dont think it water resistant or sweatproof. But i never reapply this because it seems not hygienic enough. And since i always put foundation over it i guess it wouldnt smear off that easy. But this just has SPF 30 protection that means other SPF protection in your foundation or powder is truly needed. Or dont get exposed by sun for longer time.

For oil control, they said that it wont make your face look oily after application. But to be honest it wouldnt work as great in oily skin type. I had tried this back then when my skin type is still oily and this sunscreen makes my face look greasy after 15 minutes. So i can say this has no oil control at all. And for oily skin people can still trying this over unless you had a foundation and primer that has a good oil control performance.

Obviously this suncreen has no pigmentation or coverage at all. Since the lotion colour is white, it does leave some of white layer *whitecast* on your face but not look that obvious. This may good for some people because it will give a brightening effect but some other people might not like it. And the white layer it leaves depend on amount of product that you use.

For best result for people who have an oily skin, you just need to use a little bit *about one and half of pea size* in order to prevent you face get oily faster. Wether people with dry skin can apply as much as they like. And dont forget to blend it really well so it wont feel sticky..

The final verdict is this was my current HG suncreen. I love the texture and enjoying so much when blending it. Plus the price is unbeatable, no animal tested and Halal ingredients as they claimed making this thing gotten more lovely. I had use the second bottle already and still liking it till now.

Then, whats your current fave sunscreen? Do share with me on the comment section~

Have a lovely day everyone :)

Selasa, 24 Juli 2012

Whats In My Phone

Hai! Hahaha supper long hiatus right? Almost 6 month I believe~ haha.. please bear with that. Been freakin out with campus stuff lately but yeah now I have more time since summer is already coming~~ and I'm in a short semester now so not much going to do (but not in holiday yet, sadly).
So, today I'm not gonna review some beauty product or any beauty related post. Instead, I'm gonna doing a random post called whats in my phone post! Because i had watched this video on youtube and got inspired to do something like this because you know its so interesting & helpful but, since I dont make any youtube video, I would make a blogpost instead.
If you are wondering the video, here it is :

I'm super obsessed with my phone lately like I can spent almost half day just play around with my phone.
I'm currently using a smartphone which is Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system (4.0.3) on there. 

Here is how my phone desktop (desktop?) is look like.. I changed the clock and the weather and I use rilakkuma live wallpaper which is super cute! He can blinked or change his expression~ i loveee rilakkuma~ :D You can find that in google play as well. Just search "cute live wallpaper" and youll find it.
On the next page, I have a picture and small notes to write anything that i need to remember (that is super useful). And the third page is just a blank page so i can see the wallpaper clearly (hahaha i know thats  weird).

Next is my main menu. Oh if you are wondering what apps that I use to change my phone theme, I used Go Launcher which I will explain about them later.


Picture above is my first page menu and I will explain each of the app one by one :
- Games Folder (i will explain whats inside later)
- Photo Editor Forlder (idem)
- Social Networking (idem)
- Miscellaneous (idem)
- Then all another things in this page are just basic app that you will get directly from your phone like All Share which is app that allowing you to share any data in your phone directly into another gadget like computer, tv, etc.

Then in the page 2, also just another basic app like memo or google search etc. 

Next in page 3 I have some app that I downloaded from Google Play for free.

- Youtube : since I LOVE watching youtube video this app is a must for me. You can directly watching youtube video from your phone like in the computer.

- Kamusku : this app is pretty useful. It can used offline which is great. Also easy to use, and quite complete.

- Android Antivirus : I dont know.. I dont really recommed this app though.. I dont even know wether it gave any affect to protect my phone from viruses or spam. Hahaha..

- Yahoo Messenger : never know when you need it so I download it just in case because I personally dont really like chat in Yahoo Messenger.

- Trax FM : This is my fave radio station ever & since I am currently stay in Bandung so I need this app & glad that they made something like this! :D

- Skype : For making a video call with my family. Also, it free.. hehe :p

- Whatsapp : I guess everybody is already know about this one. I LOVE this app.. I am connected with wi fi pretty everywhere so this app is just great! you can share photos, make a discussion group with your friend or family (thats what i did) and anything else for free as long as you are connected with internet.. and the greatest thing is this app compatible with blackberry and nokia phones where another messenger app like KakaoTalk or Line doesnt support those phone (yet?) because, you know, almost everyone in Indonesia using blackberry nowadays including my friends so this is important..

- Google Maps : this app is quite useful esp if you are newbie in a town like me..

- Google Translate : easy to use and doing the same as the desktop version one

- Winzip : I havent use this yet honestly.. hehe

- SimSimi : TRY THIS APP! :D hahaaha this is a chatting robot. and its very funny, and absurb and like omygosh what the hell is this.. 

- Flashlight : you know what it is right? you can use your camera flash as a torch with this app.

- iQuran : just a basic Quran but so far this is the best Quran app that i ever tried. It has tajwid and translate in english. And also you can add bookmark in the page.

- My Calendar : this is a period calendar for woman. Pretty cool though..

- IndoTV ICS : quite good, showing the broadcast smoothly without any disturbance. no buffering required.

- Go SMS Pro : Theme for your inbox.. It extremely cute! Very recommeded..

 Next I will go trough whats inside folder that I tell you before 

Games folder contain any game app. So far I have :

- Angry Bird Space

- Brain Age Test : hahaha simple game. you need to memorize some number and reconnect them from smallest to biggest.

- Building Tower : an old game. you need to arrange building block. I remember playing this game on my sister's Sony Erricson phone back then and this game quite addicting.

- Cogs : havent play it yet. but my dad really obsessed with this game.

- Cut the Rope : very cute! similar as where is my water one. strategic kind of game. But, you need to search this game manually on you browser in terms to get the full size one. Because you need to pay if you search it on Google Play Store.

- Fruit Ninja 

- Logos Quiz & Logos Quiz game : you need to guess brand logos and for me that was fun! :D

 - Quell : also havent play it yet hehe

- Temple Run : THIS IS VERY ADDICTING! I love this game.. must try!

- Where is my water

- Zuma HD : mobile version of Zuma game..

Then I have Photo Editor folder which contain :

- Camera 360 : An ultimate app if you want to make you photo look prettier because it does smoothen out the appearance. Thus your skin look more flawless & brighter.. And it also have so many fun photo filter to make you photo more artistic.

- Line Camera : This also good! too bad i cant take any screenshoot of this. you can add cute sticker or frame or text and also filters into your photos. Really recommended!

- Photo Grid & Photo Shake : app for combining multiple photos in one frame


- Pixrl-o-matic : i dont really like this one. so i wont explain. hahaha :p

- Pudding Camera : i like this app! so many feature on there like 4 photos in 1 frame, or photo filters, fish eye, and many more.

- SBY Camera : this is a purikura app


- Streamzoo : I used to like this app a lot before but since I get another amazing app, this one got neglected. :p

Hurray! The almost the last. I put any social networking apps here. So, I have :

- Facebook

- Path : A new social networking for android & iOs users. not that interesting though.. But this pretty popular lately so I just make one. :p


- Tumblr : I love tumblr thats why i got this. Btw my tumblr acc is yurina20

- Twitter : dillafdiah

- Instagram : I love this. My account name is dilladisni

- IMDb : I Movie Database. Give rating or review or make a list of film you had watched.

Then finally the last folder~~~ 
Its just a random thing that i probably would never open but i need that apps like :

- CWM, Root Explorer & Super SU : i dont about this app though.. I believe my dad use this app to root my phone..

- Flash Player : to watch some video that require flash player.

- GO Launcher, GO Store, GO Themes & GO Widgets : an app that im using to make my phone look prettier.. You can change your phone theme, widget like clock, weather forecast, live wallpaper, and many more. Just download the GO Launcher itself and you will get another app like GO Themes and GO Store directly.

- Japanese Emoticon : cute emoticon to make writing sms or email more fun~~~ hehe

- Kuma Clock : a live walpaper and clock in one app. cute but i dont use it though..

- Sense Analog : clock widget

- Symbols : just the same as the emoticon one.

- SMS Backup : just in case your phone got an accident then you need to look up onto your sms..

- Wi Fi Booster : this just a waste. i guess it doesnt work at all on my phone.

Then, ta daaaaa finally its done! Hahaha a bit tired honestly thats why i didnt talk to much.
I hope you enjoy this post.. leave a comment below if you have any suggestion of any other apps that i must try!

Happy tuesday!