Kamis, 26 Januari 2012

Antiseptic Liquid For Curing Dandruff


I have an quick tips for you because I've just found and try this weeks ago and I think I need to share with you guys who suffering this problem like I did.

I guess this post will be a short one so stay tune ^_^

I did facing a (you can say its pretty bad one) dandruff problem on my scalp. Whatever shampoo I used, it didnt work. And as you may know before, dandruff causing another problem such my hair was getting fall, etc. So my hair is getting more bad. I also have using Tonic for my scalp, but it also did not work.

Untill when my sister suffering Variola disease while ago, she tell me to mix the water with an antiseptic liquid when I am take a bath to kill all the viruses and to preventing me get contracted by her. So do I.

When I using the antiseptic liquid, I read the description on the back of the product that it also can use for preventing dandruff. And then I try that on my scalp to final rinse my hair after it conditioned. I wait & see wether it did really work for about 4 times I do shampooing my hair.

And... the result is they DO REALLY WORK!

Usually, 1 day after I shampooing my hair, my scalp will get itchy. So I need to wash my hair every 2 days. But then, after I used to use this antiseptic liquid and mixed it with water for final rinse my hair, my scalp did not get itchy even for 2 days after shampooing! So I guess this antiseptic liquid does really kill all the nasty things on my scalp and thoroughly clean them out.

I am so glad to get this method. Cheap yet effective.

So if you wondering what antiseptic liquid did I use, I using this one from Dettol. You can find this almost everywhere at the drugstore. And I think every house need to has this stuff in their bathroom because this is so versatile.

What I do exactly is I mix one bottle cap of the liquid, with about 1 big bucket of water. then I used that as an ordinary water when I take a bath. But, I do not use that one when I brush my teeth because I dont want that liquid get into my mouth. I will use pure water instead when doing that one.

So yeah thats it. I hope you guys find this article helpful for you and let me know if this method did work or not on you.

So have a good day everyone ^_^

Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

Tag post : 11 Random Things About Me

Deciding to make a blog post in this loooooong holiday but not a review because I get a tag from a girl that as lovely as her name ^_^ Lovely Cosme thank you so much for tagging me ^___^

I think for this year I must add into my resolution that I must get blogging more often. I do have some of like photo raw (non edited) of some product already to working on & get posted on this blog but yeah, lazy girl is my middle name. hahaha I am lazy to write about the review of the products, i am lazy to get those photo marked with my blog name on photoshop, i am lazy to upload the photo into imageshack, and so on. but yeah.. I do really hope I cant beat this bad habit.

Anyway, get in to the actual post. So this is the rules that I need to follow :

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them that you’ve tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about ‘you are tagged if you are reading this.’ blah blah blah, you legitimately have to tag 11 people!

Okay, lets go on to the second rules.

11 random things about myself. hmm i think pretty hard to fill this one.

1. I am a lazy yet dilligent girl. Hahaha from what I can remember is I am really dilligent to done my homework (based from what my friend says) or anything that I think it is related to my future or something is related for someone or people. But I am really lazy to take a bath (hehe) and not so important things like hang out & spent my money for something that i might not even remember for the next day.

2. I am pretty neat & hygienic freak person. No need to explain except even I am a hygienic freak person but I dont like take a bath because its freakin cold in Bandung

3. If someone trusteed me to do something I would tried my best when working on those task. Or you can say that I am a perfectionist person.

4. I am trully a shy person but I can get freakin on when I was with my family or my bestfriend.

5. I was the last child on my family so I am so spoiled into my family.

6. I am a discipline person. And I would get pissed off if someone messed up my schedule.

7. I don't like going to theater to watch movie. I guess I was only 3 times going to the theater all my life until now.

8. I am an independent person. I don't like if someone controlling my life OR trying to controlling my life.

9. I can spent all of my money into make up but i really hard to spent my money for buying fashion related things.

10. I always suffering bad acne when I am about facing National Exam when I was in junior high school, high school, and university entrance exam due to my hormonal stressed.

11. I like keeping myself updating about political news.

phiiuuh~ so move on into third rules.

1. What do you like the most about being a blogger, especially a beauty blogger?

answer : I have an excuse to buying more products.. tee hee xD but i really like writing and I love make up so being a beauty blogger is a great combo :)

2. Which part of your face do you like the most? why?

answer : my lips? because its look sexy.. kkkk :p

3. What skin imperfection that you have? and what do you do to cover it?

answer : hmm.. skin imperfection.. on face? I have a lot of deep acne scars but honestly I am not trying to cover it up (because i guess nothing can covering my acne scars) so I do scrubbing my face every two or three days to diminish it instead. Oh, and my lips is so pigmented almost look a little bit dark so I tried to covering it with a concealer but I am failed. hahaha.

4. Do you have any beauty secret? if yes, what it is?

answer : yes, wearing primer, bb cream, and powder so I fooled people a little bit that my skin is nice hahaha. And from skincare, I do love using Retinoic Acid and scrubbing every two days. Also, dont think too much about your life. No matter how you taking care about your skin, if you still get stressed, you fail. Just enjoy it so your skin will look nicer by itself.

5. Are you a junk food lover or not?

answer : No. I rarely eating junk food. I prefer a home cooking made by my mother.

6. Choose one : make up or skincare? why do you choose it?

answer : Make up in the moment. Hahahaha dunno I feel tired for being a skincare junkie right now.

7. What beauty product that you won't leave your house without it?

answer : Like everyone would says : sunscreen. And bb cream if this question allow me to choose more than one stuff :).

8. Plastic surgery : yay or nay? why?

answer : trully nay. but I dunno why tough.. I just think its not good for health. But I will not judging someone who done their face too.

9. What is your fashion style?

answer : hah~ typical boring answers : casual.

10. What beauty product do you want the most now?

answer : raisin & dusty rose colored blush xD I just into fall make up trend now~ *so late* and also flat top brushes~ huhu why does it so hype right now? like everyone talking about it everywhere esp sigma f80 flat top~ *big eyes*

11. What is your opinion about green living?

Really great. And I try to be living green now. I hope everyone does too.

Ok, almost done. Next rules : fourth.

1. Who is your fave bloggers & utubers? (just one). Explain the reason.

2. What's your fave colours? (just one). Explain the reason.

3. What's your biggest plan/resolution for this year and how you achieve that?

4. What's your biggest mistake on last year?

5. Whats your phone type right now & why u choose that one?

6. How you have been into makeup?

7. Did u know Girls' Generation? What ur opinion about them? (omigosh this so random xD)

8. Fashion stuff or make up stuff? Explain the reason why you choose that.

9. What is your greatest beauty find?

10. If you can transform your face into someone, who would you like to be? (anyone. its also can be your sister, or your friend). Dont forget to explain the reason.

11. What beauty product do you want the most now? (i like this one so i repeat it from earlier question ^_^)

finally, the last step, sixth rules. tag to my friend.

1. Annys http://cottagecheeseohme.blogspot.com/

2. Phanie http://diaryofaproductjunkie.blogspot.com/

3. Puput http://poo-world-poo.blogspot.com/

4. Nacchu http://tujuhwarnapelangi.tumblr.com/

5. Merry http://severuslove.blogspot.com/

6. Erika http://erikajjang.tumblr.com/

7. Monika http://monicutez.blogspot.com/

8. Natassia http://natassiajournal.blogspot.com/

9. My Lovely Sister http://my-lovely-sister.blogspot.com/

10. Vicky http://buildtheface.blogspot.com/

11. Cominica http://www.cominica.net/

Tadaaaaa~~~ finally~ *sweat*

Oh I cant says more now. I hope you dont mind my random words.

Have a good day everyone! :D

update :

I got another tag from my friend, Uci ^_^ thx again for tagging me..

so I need to answer her question.

1. what's your holy grail make up or skincare product?

answer : for skincare section i can say that is my Vitacid & Skinfood Black Sugar Mask. And for the makeup I guess thats my Etude Fresh Cherry Tint I believe..

2. what do you think about boy who don't smoke?

answer : I do really appreciate him. I probably wanted to have non smoker boyfriend in the future.

3.what's your favourite color now?and why?

answer : Pink. IDK why though.. ^_^

4. what kind of music do you like and why?

answer : my friend says that I like a "Lollipop" kind of music (?) hahaha I dont know why she named it with Lollipop. But Lollipop music is kind of cheerfull girlie type.

5. what's your fav legend musician?

answer : no idea.

6. what's your gadget now?

answer : gadget? Laptop or phone? my Laptop right now is Compaq & my phone is Blackberry.

7. what's your skincare wishlist right now?

answer : Honestly I dont have at the moment.

8.what's your fav juice?

answer : strawberry juice always being my fave xD

9. can you cook?

answer : yesh i can.. Live in a dorm requiring me to learn how to cook.

10.whats your fav food?and why?

answer : I just randomly like any kind of food. The one was serving to me def will be my fave.

11. what are you doing when you're online ?

answer : most of the time I do browsing around Youtube. But when I get bored, I do blogwalking or read the latest news on allkpop.com while downloading korean drama ^_^