Senin, 25 April 2011

My Room Tour


Another "tagged post". This one about "Show of your room" that tagged by Severus Love (go check out her blog ^^)

the participant of this game (clickable so check these sweety blog too^^) :

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Lalalo (mine ^^)
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the question :

1. What's your real name? Dilla

What is your blogger name? Lalalo

What is your blog URL?

2. Tell us! why u choose Yurina as your id name dan Lalalo as your blog name?

first, I love a person in a korean drama called Yoo Rin. She so tough. So i decided to use some similar name like her and thats where's Yurina came from. For blog name i dunno why I use this name honestly -.- haha

3. Favorite quote ?

God doesn't give something that u want, but God does give you something that u need

4. Show off your room (min. 10 photos)..Share with us everything about your room...^^

i make a video one.. hehe

5. Whats your most favorite things in your room? Why?

my laptop and my winnie the pooh bed cover..

6. Whats the most wonderful/amazing things in your room? Why?

my skincare stuff?? haha oh, my mirror.. there are so many people says that they look prettier when they reflected on my mirror. i think its because the lighting.

7. Whats is the odd things/unique in your room? Why?

my blanket that hanging up in the wall.. it's make my room look odd

8. Anything else you want to say?

i'm sorry that my room is sooooo boring :(

Haha actually I reaaaaly shame to show my room because its realy realy messy, not interesting and very small. Because of my camera quality is so poor, I decided to make a video one. Ahahaha but still an amateur video -.- pardon me btw. I didn't say anything on the video because I record with my phone and the sound will not out except you talk very loud.
So this is my amateur room tour video :

My room colors was dominated by pink color. Hahhaa I like pink, but I didn't planned my room to be like this. Now I'm currently stay in a dorm (I'm currently stay in Bandung because of my university and my hometown is in Jakarta), so this is a dorm room & not my real room (but still, I must stay in this room for about 4 years)
You can see how messy my room is. So many dust. And I have some cooking stuff in my room because sometimes I need to cook (yeah my mom is so far from me T_T so I need to cook by myself).
I don't like to put too many stuff in my small room, so I bring any stuff that I needed the most (like bag, and clothes).
So yah, if there's any question feel free to leave a comment below.
And yeah I know this post really not interesting because my room..yeah.. T.T (need to do a room makeover).

Hope u enjoyed :) and I think next time I will not accept any tag about my room. Hahaha..

Jumat, 22 April 2011


Hello fellas ^^

A couple days ago I get a message in my CBox from Chaoi (go check out her cute blog ^^) that she had an award for me. Thx for the award sweetie ^^

So, the rules is you just need to post this on your blog and spread this award into 15 othe blogger and let them know that you have an award.

And now I wanted to give this award to some blog that I enjoyed so much & always looking forward to their newest post.

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have a great weekend everyone ^^

Selasa, 19 April 2011

Review : Hada Labo SHA Lotion & Arbutin Milk

Hello everyone :)
Today I'm gonna review a skincare product that I'm use for about last a month..

I'm currently using this Hada Labo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion & Hada Labo Sirojyun Arbutin Emulsion Milk.

(I had purchased the shared bottle of the SHA lotion because I want to tried if this product works well on my skin)

The famous brand one. Haha..
Like I have said on my previous post that this brand claims that their product are free of alcohol, colorant & fragrance. So I'm rather curious of this product.

In Indonesia, I can't say that this product is super cheap because there are so much drugstore and local product that are cheaper than this one. This product didn't available in Indonesia so we must buy this trough pre ordering spree.. And most of seller took about $20-$25 per product so that's a little pricey right?

Since Indonesia have a humid weather so for some people this product is quite rich. I have compare this when I stay in Bandung which is have a coller weather than Jakarta, this product helps my normal combination skin still moisturized. And when I stay in Jakarta, I felt that this product kinda rich (esp for the milk one) so I recommend to use just only one type of the product (just milk or just lotion). Don't use the lotion & the milk together or your skin will feel a bit overmoisturized.

What I like is I felt that this products helps reduce my acne, my acne scars, and makes my skin look brighter and supple..
I use this in the morning & at night.. I didn't use any product except this.

My face condition mid 2010 :

My skin now mid 2011 :)

So, I give this products rating 4 of 5 star because of 'the not cheap price' in Indonesia.
But I will repurchase this if mine have run out. But I guess that the full sized of the product will be last FOREVER. Because you just need one drops for the milk and 2 drops for the lotion for your entire face!

Hope this review can help you and see ya :)