Jumat, 29 Juli 2011

Review : ELF Little Black Beauty Book warm & cool

Annyong! :D

I'm super excited to get this baby on my hand! Fell in love from the first time I saw picture of this pretty baby..

This cost for $5 on ELF site but, I paid $9 or Rp90.000 on indonesian online store. I purchase this on BabyCleo shop on Female Daily Forum market plaza.. Anyway, she has give the cheapest price than the other store though..

So, let's get start the review..

They have 2 colors when the one is all of warm tone colors & the other one contain all of the cool colors. Each palette have 28 eyeshadows and 20 lip glosses.

The eyeshadows is pretty vibrant. Some colors are have great pigmentation while some other colors are just so so and the other have poor pigmentantion.
Not really fantastic but its pretty worth for the price. Also, this one is good for a beginner like me since they have all of the basic colors..
But, like the other cheap eyeshadows, this one also have really powdery texture.. The shadows can fall into under my eyes and make anything messy.. -.-

And the glosses is good for me! I'm type of person who a bit hard to find a lip products that didn't dry out my lips. But, those glosses are really moisturizing! Some color are pigmented enough to use as a tinted balm for everyday use while some color are also pretty enough to use as a glosses on the top of ur fave lipstick.

U can click the picture for bigger pic..
Sorry I'm not make a swatches because I'm hard to get a natural lighting lately.. But the color is just the same like on the pan.

And the size of this palette is so handy..
It can flipped out so it won't like need to much space. But, since it was have an eyeshadows on the left side and a lip gloss on the right side, sometimes the eyeshadows can fall out into the glosses and make it gross.. So u need to place something like a plastic to separate them.

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  1. wah, buat yang suka banget pake eyeshadow, heaven banget... buat aq, not so much.. hahahaha...

  2. omgg, 90.ooo ??? beneran tuh? muraaaahhh bnerrrr!
    aahhh pengen pengen :(

  3. @ stephanie, iya ci >.< murah pula.. kkk tapi emang cocoknya buat yang suka pake esedo sih soale warnanya ada yang ngejereng.. ^^

    @ cominica-ai, iyaaaak ^^ yuk beliii.. btw itu 90k buat masing-masing yak bukan 2-2 nya.. ^^ tapi emang masih termsuk murce 90ribu ^^

  4. This looks like a great palette for beginners like me! (: So many different colors~ but too bad some of the eyeshadows don't have that good of a pigmentation ): I think pigmentation is really important!

  5. belinya dimana yah tapi ? :(

  6. This looks like a great palette! I love the assortment of colors and the handy travel size. It's perfect for on the go touch ups or for traveling :)

    And thanks for your comment!

  7. rana musika, yes! ^^

    mimi, yes, but it might good if u use an eye primer/base before ^^

    cominica, di market plaza female daily say :) banyak yang buka PO elf ko ^^

    rinny, u deserve it hun ^^ and thx for following me back :)

  8. waaaah..ngileeerr yurinaaa...
    mta link FD nya duunkk...ga prnh maen fd gak ngertii..hehehe


  9. @ severuz, hihi link nya disini : http://femaledaily.com/forum.php ^^ aku juga jarang sih aktif disana paling cuma sesekali aja atau pas mau beli sesuatu di market plaza nya :)


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