Senin, 25 Juli 2011

My beginner brush collection (part 2)

Ah.. Ramadhan will come next week.. I'm super excited!

So, this month I bought some new make up stuff and I will reviewing of them one by one.

My first ever haul this month is some brushes (again). I decided to buy some eyeshadows brush on my local store because I have ordering some eyeshadows palette and I think I need some eyeshadow brush to support me learning any kind of eyeshadows application techniques.

So ya at first I browsing around my local store here to find out wheter there are some good eyeshadows brush. But too bad, they are pretty limited here. And this is what I find :

❤ MAC fake 6 brush set (again, its FAKE -.-) ❤

This brush only cost me about $5 or Rp45. 000 in indonesian rupiah. I choose this one because this set had 2 eyehadow brush which another set brush just have one eyehadow brush.
The brush is not very soft thought.. But hey, its just $5 right? And it contain 6 brushes! So I can't really complain. But it still good for applying eyeshadows and my sister even want this set too because this one very convenient to take when u traveling. I bought this at Bandung Indah Plaza if u want to find the same thing like this :)

❤ Unbranded eye blending brush ❤

I spotted this one at Bunga accesories shop at Bandung Indah Plaza. And it just tag for 4 cent or Rp4.000! So cheap! The brush is pretty soft but what I don't really like is this brush look very cheap & have a small wand makes me a little hard when using this brush. But still, you will never go wrong with 4 cent make up brush!

❤ Masami Shouko big shadder eyeshadow brush ❤

I bought this for $4 I guess it retail Rp35.000 in rupiah. But, I get discount about 10% or 20% (sorry I'm forget) so it just cost me $3 or Rp27.000 at the end (not really sure about the price). This brush made from sable hair based on information in Masami Shouko website. This brush has a good quality bristles thought.. The brush pretty decent. And, this brush is very versatile too.. I use this for put color or base color all over my lid, highlight my browbone, even I use this brush for highlight and countouring my nose! I get this from Yogya Riau Junction.

❤ ELF essential eye crease brush ❤

Finally I ordered this one because I can't find any crease brush on my local store. And this cost me for $3 or Rp25.000 from I bought this along with my ELF studio stipple brush. At first this brush is so small compared to the other crease brush from the other brand. But, fortunately it fit for my small eyes :D maybe it will better if the bristles can come more longer so it can be more easy when blend the color.
The bristles made from 100% synthetic hair (which is very good) :D and those are so soft.

❤ ELF studio stipple brush ❤

Finnaly, I get this on my hand! :D
Hahaha sorry that a little bit dirty because I have used it for applying my bb cream & cream blush. And applying cream blush with this brush is just great! It makes my blush look more natural on my cheeks. And as the other ELF brushes, this one also made from 100% synthetic hair. But, the down is maybe this is not the best stipple brush out there. But I love it to the max.

So hope u enjoy this post..
I will post next review about my other haul products soon. So stay tune and have a good day! :D

12 komentar:

  1. nice post yurina! pengen deh brush elf nya

  2. @ hanna, thx dear <3 yuk ah dibeli~ ^^

  3. wow, you have many collection of brushes!
    Love it :D
    pengen koleksi juga cuman lg buokekk T,T

  4. @ cominica, samaaa aku juga lagi bokek banget~ T.T maklum kali yak tanggal tua nih.. :p

  5. aaahhh, aq juga ada tuh yang elf stipple brush.. Love love it! <3

  6. I have that elf stipple brush too! (: I think it's a little sparse but I still like it to apply blush ^^

  7. @ stephanie, yes! elf give us cheap price but not cheap products ^^

  8. @ mimi, yes sometimes it does prick my skin too.. ^^

  9. Samaan nih dil, lagi ngumpulin brushes... maklum beginner banget haha..
    Tapi klo buat yg harganya murah trus enak dipake, aku prefer tammia... klo si masami rada ga enakeun dipake... Cuma klo si tammia suka loose handle brush2 gedenya.. :D

    btw, itu si elf stipple kayaknya enakeun... Pengeeen..... Ih, racun banget maen ke sini... :D :D :D

    1. iya aku jarang nemuin si tammia soale hehe ^_^
      si elf stipple brush nya jarang kupake euy jadinya hahaha males cuci-cucinya kalo abis dipake soalnya kkkk :p

  10. ahhh aku jg suka kuas masamii


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