Senin, 25 Juli 2011

First EOTD

hahaha just playing with my Little Black Beauty Book that i will review soon..
so here is my first ever eye of the day.. not eye of the day actually because i do this look this evening & like its way more like my experiment with eyeshadows..

and the color didn't come out exactly like in real life because i just took it with my phone camera..

so here it this :

the shadows each in my left eye & right eye is different

and again, i wore a pajamas xD

you can see how red my eyes is! O_o so hurt!

left eye

right eye

6 komentar:

  1. yurinaaaa bibirmu sexeeeeeehhhhh uhuyyy uhuyyy

  2. @ cominica-ai, hahahahaha jadi maluu xD

  3. Setuju ama cominica, bibirnya mantab... hahahaha... ^^

  4. @ stepahanie, aduuh malu malu malu~ ^///^

  5. I love the eyeshadow on your left eye!! It looks really sexyyy & fierce~ ;D What happened to your eye? ): Are you okay?

  6. @ mimi, thx mimi ^^ i dunno, my eyes kind of sensitive and get red easily lately.. maybe i need more sleep time..


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