Minggu, 19 Juni 2011

My (beginner) Brushes Collection

So looong time since I make a new post..
I'm so busy lately because of my final term exams :(
Been so hectic & stressed during the exams..
And now I'm free until I start my short semester on 27th June. ^^

Lately I had purchased some brushes from my local store. Yeah, unbranded one but I'm pretty pleased with the quality. The bristle has a soft syntetic hair and the quality is still good even after i washed them.

So this are my brushes so far :

1. Majiliaer Angled Eyeliner Brush
I purchased this one at Strawberry (a teen accesories store) for about Rp15.000,- or about $2. I haven't tried this one with gel eyeliner, since I haven't gel liner yet. But I have tried with a mascara for lining my eyes and so far so good. The brush feel so soft & not irritated my eyes. It made from syntetic hair. But I think I can't make a full review now and decide to make another review of this brush when I get a gel liner on my hand. (But dunno I still lazy to get a gel eyeliner because I don't really like using an eyeliner)

2. Fenling Angled Blush Brush
This is a chinese brand. The price is about Rp25.000,- or $3. This one is SO SOFT.. I can touch this anytime because I really like it! I used this for countoring my face. The bristle is not vey dense so u can handle the amount of the product u want to use. I purchased this brush at a cosmetic store in Bandung Indah Plaza.

3. Fake MAC Retractable Kabuki Brush
Yeah, the design look so tacky. And why must using name of MAC? Why don't use their own brand like Fenling & Malijiaer do? But whatsoever. The bristle is so soft & dense. That's why I'm still purchased this brush though I don't like the design. And since this one comes as a retractable one, so this is very convenient to carry & prevent dust thus more hygienic.
Oh ya I use this for applying my loose powder. :) and I purchased this at accesories store at Bandung Indah Plaza also but I'm forget what the store name.
Get this for Rp37.500 or about $4.

4. Kislene Blush / Powder Brush.
I got this from my sister so I have no idea where to get this and the price is. The brush is soft. I use this for applying powder blush or highlighter. Dunno why she gave this brush to me whereas this brush is pretty pleased me with the function. :)

Yeah, I'm still a beginner in make up but I really willing to learn. And also because I was still a student, so I'm gonna purchase make up tools one by one and choose the cheapest one :) I do not purchase ELF brushes because it didn't available locally here and I'm to lazy to purchase it via pre order.. hehehe :p

Next a little random post :

I dunno why but I really love this make up collection video from punk1rock01's channel on utube :

go check out her channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/punk1rock01

This video was motivated me to collection make up & give me a couraged that I still can make a creativity with make up eventhough I didn't use a pricey make up. Go check out punk1rock another video. She is really talented!

If u have a video makeup collection suggestion or have seen video that similar like punk1rock01's video, u can write down on comment section below.. I will happy to see your suggestion.. ^^

Ok, anyway.. this is pretty long post xD
thx for reading my blog.. have a good day!

12 komentar:

  1. brush yg 2,3,4 pengeeenn, murah benerrrr >O<

  2. yuuk dibelii :D
    biasanya di toko aksesoris macam stroberi gitu banyak brush2 murah meriah :D

  3. strawberry di bandung lengkap ya brushnya?? perasaan klo yg di solo ma jogja blm pernah liat ada brush nya yak.. atw aku yg kurang ahli mencari wqwqwq... btw salam kenal :)

  4. hai esti ^^ salam kenal juga.. makasih ya udah mampir..
    di stroberi disini banyak sih macem2 brush, cuma gak semuanya lembut & kualitas nya bagus..
    jadi kerjaan aku ya muter2in mall nya keliling toko pernak-pernik yang lain kaya Bunga, Blitz, Naughty, dll.. yang paling lengkap sih di toko aksesoris Blitz ^^

  5. Bedain sintetis sama ngga tuh selain dari harga gimana taunya?Setauku sintetis tuh rada2 jabrik dan dikit kasar gitu.Tapi kalo dr harga,brush bikinan RRC skrg byk yg ngga sintetis,dan murah pula.Aku ngga mau pake yg asli bulu soalnya.Ada yg dr wild boar loh..Lagian,aku skrg no animal cruelty..

  6. kalo aku agak ngeliat dari warna dan teksturnya yah.. entah kenapa aku ngerasa brush ini bukan bulu asli.. ^^ soalnya there are some part dimana bulu itu agak kasar dibagian bawahnya..
    btw kalo mau produk yang no animal cruelty coba brush punya E.L.F aja ^^ dia murah juga & brush nya rave banget direview sama beauty guru..
    cuma sayangnya harus PO agak lama.. but i plan to get their duo fibre brush too ^^

  7. di deket tempetku brushnya jelek2 n kliatan gak bagus kok sis >.< knapa yah, hahahah
    tpi ada masami shouko sih n merk2 jp laen cuman MAHAL T___T

  8. kkk.. iya masami shouko juga ada di kotaku & emang lumayan mahal~
    ayo main2 ke bandung ^^

  9. Hi sis..
    really nice brush..
    definitely follow ur blog!

    Owh..i'm Sincera btw.. I'm a new blogger..can u do me a favor by following my blog (sinceralovesbeauty.blogspot.com)?

    It really gonna make my day..

    Makasih byk yah sis..

  10. already dear <3
    thx for stopping by & following my blog ^^
    love ur make up btw.. i'm still a beginner here~ xD

  11. That's quite a handy collection! It's okay to start slow, I was like that too ;)
    Anyway I think for face brushes you really don't need many. I recommend getting Everyday Minerals' Kabuki Brush though, it's so soft and you can use it both for powder & liquid foundation!

  12. thx for ur recommendation, fifi ^^
    yes maybe i think i will plan to get their flat kabuki..
    but sometimes their brush a little bit pricey for my liking >.<


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