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Review : L.A. Colors Value Kit Eyeshadow Palette in Mineral Spa

New post again.. \‎​\(´▽`)//

Hahaha you can see that I'm rea~lly free this week~ (ʃƪ´▽`) (´▽`ʃƪ)

Weeks ago, I purchased L.A. Colors eyeshadows palette from their value kit range in shade Mineral Spa in Rie Butik just for Rp40.000 or less than $4 \(‾▿‾\) . If u live in country where u can't reach L.A. Colors brand locally, u can buy them online on Cherry Culture ^^

Okay, let's go on to the review..

♔ This shade contain mix the shimmery & matte of neutral colour shadows. The shimmery one is just okay.. Not too shimmery but it gives a sheen finish instead which I like.

♔ The texture is SO POWDERY (should I underlining this part too? kkk.. just kidding (ˇ▼ˇ)-c<ˇ_ˇ) )

♔ For staying power, I'm not really sure but I think it doesn't last long since I didn't use eye primer or base under the eyeshadow.

♔ And the pigmentation....there are some shadows that pretty vibrant. But also there are some shadows that not really pigmented. U can see everything from swacth below :
(Sorry for not perfect swatch. I tried my best to get the best side & lighting.. ┓(´_`)┏. This is my first time reviewing an eyeshadow)

I'm just using two colours~

Please excuse my big pores~ ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ

After all, instead of their standard quality, the price is so cheap, so we can't really complain.. But maybe they would more vibrant if u use eye primer or base before. So this one is still a good choice if u want an affordable eyeshadow palette (and if u already have an eye base/primer (•̯͡.•̯͡) )

Btw, I didn't speak that much in this post since I feel my earlier post is kinda boring because its contain sooooooo many explanation. (˘_˘") but, again, I tried my best to do a clear review.

Ok, this up for now.

Thx for reading my post and have a good day felas!

7 komentar:

  1. review yang bagus siss! hehe
    btw e/snya shimmer gak?

    soal Opera, gak mahal kok sis, emang mini sih bentuknya, tpi worthed lah!
    nice kok qualitynya soalnya aku di kasih coba2 macem2 ma SA nya, baek bgt SA nya ma aku.
    mascara 90rb, blush 65rb, lipgloss 60
    itu harga normal sis, hehe :D

  2. review nya bagus kok! warnanya natural bgt! me likey ;) tapi aku kurang suka klo kebanyakan warna natural ehehehe

  3. maw. Yurina thanks for posting this! I'll check this @riebutik =) I've been dying for eyeshadow rite now! huhuhu

  4. @ cominica, thx hun! <3 :D eyeshadow nya ada yang shimmer ada juga yang matte..
    btw aku jadi kepingin blush opera nya xD

    @ nisa, thx for ur compliment ^^ hihihi iya maklum soalnya ini my first palette jadi masih pilih warna natural ^^

    @ lina kim, u are welcome dear ^^, but i think u must buy it via preorder since mine is their last ready stock ^^

  5. yurina, belii ajaaa, kmaren pas di counter aku coba warna peach nya, sangat sangat cakep skali!!!

  6. When I first started with makeup I purchased an LA palette too. I think it was the 5 shadows metallic palette. I quite liked it! This one seems not too reliable though :(

  7. @ cominica-ai, sure dear! xD i will write those blush on my wishlist :D

    @ fifi, yes, since the 5 shadows metallic palette a little more expensive than this one i think the quality might be better.. and exteeener using LA colors too when she started making a video on utube ;)


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