Selasa, 03 Mei 2011

Gifts for my mom and my dad birthday wishes

Hello :)
It is right that today is mother's day??

So yesterday I just bought some stuff for my mom. Haha actually at first I just want to buy a face roller massager for me because I've heard some good review about this stuff. But I ended up with 2 NYX Round Lipsticks for my mom! I haven't say that I have a gift for her because I wanna give a surprise :p
At first I don't know what color should I choose because I don't know my moms style. But at the end I choose this two pretty colors:

Hope my mom will like those colors >.< (Degeun degeun)
My moms skin colors is somekind like NW35 in MAC shade I think?
So I feel like Indian Pink might suit with her skintone. And the Doll one is a rosy pink and that is color I have seen in most of my moms lipsticks.

Oya I haven't get these stuff on my hand because I making them sent into my house in Jakarta so I do not must resent those lipsticks to my mom.
And for the face roller massager, I will get that next weekend when I meet up with my family and after I get the roller massager I will do a review about it soon :)

So, happy mothers day to all lovely and warm mom around the world ^^

And for my lovely dad that have his birthday today. Thank for everything that u gave to me. And thank for fulfilling most of my wish (since I'm the last child in my family). Thx for being a strict dad so I can into this personality. Thx for always worrying me that much.
Sorry I can't give something big. But I just want to say that I love u so much :)

Happy birthday to my Dad!
Much love <3

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  1. awweeee..u're so kind~ I hope ur mom is going to like it! NYX NYX~ I love their round-L range too ^^

  2. Good choice for your mom!(^O^)♥ Say happy birthday to your dad for me okie (^_<)*winks*

  3. what a nice daughter:).. They're lucky parents..

  4. thanks all ^^
    all of comments are so meant to me xD

  5. hey sweetie, you said that u blogged about my giveaway but you havent. please blog about it or i wont count that entry

  6. you're so kind, Sist :)
    your Mom will like your surprise, I hope~

  7. Ah! ur so sweet sis, loll. XD
    btw happie bday for ur dad! n ur mom will surely like it! :D

  8. happy birthday to your dad!

    if you can't find the concealer in stores, you should just buy it online?


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