Jumat, 22 April 2011


Hello fellas ^^

A couple days ago I get a message in my CBox from Chaoi (go check out her cute blog ^^) that she had an award for me. Thx for the award sweetie ^^

So, the rules is you just need to post this on your blog and spread this award into 15 othe blogger and let them know that you have an award.

And now I wanted to give this award to some blog that I enjoyed so much & always looking forward to their newest post.

Also check these awesome blog that I tagged :

1. Rabbito
2. Hye Rin
3. Ephong
4. Jay
5. Stella Lee
6. Poo
7. Mada Foe
8. Justine
9. Hanna Anindhita
10. Sunny Dahye
11. Stephanie
12. Moon
13. Lovely CosMe
14. Miss Lie
15. Yumeko

have a great weekend everyone ^^

6 komentar:

  1. Awh! That's so sweet of you, dearie.. thank you ^.^

  2. Thanx for the award :) I'll post this award on my blog..btw,do u have 2 blogs?i'm sure i have followed one of your blogs 6(*_*),but why it doesn't appear on my dashboard?*bingung nih...
    I'll do it again...

  3. Aww,, thank you so much dear! So happy to receive this award, =D

    Xoxo, www.hannaanindhita.blogspot.com

  4. thank you so much for the awardd...
    I'm so happy ^^ thank youuu...

  5. thanks for awarding me xD~ luv uu~


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