Senin, 27 Februari 2012

Inez Colour Contour Blush with Brush in Lady Inez

I'm back again with some review because I have nothing to do right now~
Wish I can posting as often like this.

I had saying this before that I have been Fall Trend make up lately. I am kinda bored with peachy or pink colored blush and want some newer shade that I was never thought I would dare to wear blush with those kind of colour.

Yes, Fall Trend is identical with purplish, dark warm rosy, dusty, mauve, or raisin colour.
And this is my first time seeing a local blush that has a bold colour instead just of peach or pink that everybody would choose.

So this is blush from Inez called Lady Inez. You would not get this brand in department store or drugstore. You must going to cosmetic store like Pasar Baru or ITC to find this brand.

Inez Colour Contour Plus Blusher with Brush
shade Lady Inez
Price : 37.500

They came with a box which is pretty good for me. The downside is the did not seal their  packaging so we would have no idea wether the one we purchased had been tested by someone, right?
I hope they would  improve their quality here.

Ingredients list

I don't like the design though.. It's look so oldish and nothing attractive.
Its contain pretty much amount of product since almost blush from another brand just have about 3-4grams.

You can check the expired date eventhough you've lost the box.

Pretty big packaging. It was sturdy enough to carrying around when traveling, but I choose to not bringin it when traveling because the blush itself is got cracked easily.

It came with a brush as it saying.

Move on into the colour. I can say that this one has a kind of unique colour since it would look like a dark rosy colour as it touch your skin, but sometimes it would look dark purplish on the pan. I am not really good describing colour but you can see yourself from the swatch above. I tried my best to get the closest swatch as the actual colour. Because picture can tell everything for describing a colour.

Besides the pretty colour, I really hate the texture of this blush. It was so messy and powdery. It looks like a pressed talc if I can say. Oh, and it has a slight scent too. I scent like an old products (do you know what I mean? okay thats not problem if you don't).
The staying power is pretty good. It still looking good after 4 hours in my skin.

So that was it.. Let me know your opinion about this one if you have tried or if you plan to get this in the future or if you got into fall make up trend like me now.
I do really hope this review helpful besides my lack reviewing skill.
I would try my best in the future.
Smile and have a good day everyone :)

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  1. HUhuhu... undertoneku warm tok. Paling musuh sama warna2 blush pink, ungu, dll... Bikin ngiri aja sama yg bisa pake warna2 cantik begitu... T_____T

    1. oia? undertone ku juga warm diliat dari vein~ tapi aku maksa aja pake warna apapun.. selama jatohnya gak aneh ^_^

    2. Ugh, enak ya... Klo aku pake pink malah jatohnya aneh, butek & kumel hahaha... Ngiri juga sama Mamah dia undertonenya emang cool bgt masa pake ungu jatohnya bagusss... Blush on ungu gitu... :D :D :D

  2. waaaah penasaran juga eke kalo pake blush on ungu .. cakep gak ? aku lagi ngumpulin berbagai macam warna blush soalnya, nyobain inez sekali pnasaran sama warna2 yang lain .. suka soalnya pigmented trus pannya guede dan 1 lagi mursidah .. :D eh dil ada saran dikit kalo pictmu di compress bsok2 biar g terlalu berat :)) ..

    1. jujur aku sekarang juaraaaang banget pake blush ini vic.. dulu sok sok-an gitu mau pake blush ungu.. tapi bener cakep ko kalo makenya tipis.. dusty rose gitu jatohnya..
      thank youu sarannyaa :*
      tapi aku emang mau nampilin foto yang bener HQ gitu jadi emang sengaja walau jatohnya agak berat pas dibuka web nya :(


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