Sabtu, 25 Agustus 2012

Wardah Sunscreen Gel SPF 30

Since now is summer and we can never get enough of suncreen on these days, i found my love already and thank you God that was a local product that available almost everywhere here!

Wardah Sunscreen Gel
Price : Rp26.000 or $3 / 30ml

You can get this on any Wardah Counter or local cosmetics store. I bet you wouldnt find any hard to get this product.

They came just in one size and in a plastic tube packaging. Quite practical when youre in a hurry or to bring on when travelling. Not that much we can talk about packaging though..

Lets talk about the ingredients then.
I dont really know that much pros and cons about chemical ingredients and what should choose or what should avoid. What i noticed the most is this sunscreen has dimethicone or silicony based on it. And some people cant used to it either it would causing acne or any other skin problem on them. So people with sensitive skin should be aware.

The texture is jellish lotion and somewhat among thick and runny. Its definitely wont hard to blend but would be a little bit sticky at first. And the key is you need some time to get it properly blended in terms to heal the stickyness feeling.
Honestly i like this type of texture and kind of match with my dehydrated dry to normal skin *yes my skin type got changed since i move to bandung and using retinoid -.-* because it feel moisturizing also prepare and smoothen my skin before i use foundation. And i dont think i need extra moisturizer except my skin feel super dry at the moment.

About this suncreen staying power, i dont think it water resistant or sweatproof. But i never reapply this because it seems not hygienic enough. And since i always put foundation over it i guess it wouldnt smear off that easy. But this just has SPF 30 protection that means other SPF protection in your foundation or powder is truly needed. Or dont get exposed by sun for longer time.

For oil control, they said that it wont make your face look oily after application. But to be honest it wouldnt work as great in oily skin type. I had tried this back then when my skin type is still oily and this sunscreen makes my face look greasy after 15 minutes. So i can say this has no oil control at all. And for oily skin people can still trying this over unless you had a foundation and primer that has a good oil control performance.

Obviously this suncreen has no pigmentation or coverage at all. Since the lotion colour is white, it does leave some of white layer *whitecast* on your face but not look that obvious. This may good for some people because it will give a brightening effect but some other people might not like it. And the white layer it leaves depend on amount of product that you use.

For best result for people who have an oily skin, you just need to use a little bit *about one and half of pea size* in order to prevent you face get oily faster. Wether people with dry skin can apply as much as they like. And dont forget to blend it really well so it wont feel sticky..

The final verdict is this was my current HG suncreen. I love the texture and enjoying so much when blending it. Plus the price is unbeatable, no animal tested and Halal ingredients as they claimed making this thing gotten more lovely. I had use the second bottle already and still liking it till now.

Then, whats your current fave sunscreen? Do share with me on the comment section~

Have a lovely day everyone :)

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  1. ouch ada parabennya >.< tp kayaknya lumayan nih ^^ spfnya jg lumayan tinggi
    thanks for sharing ;)

    don't forget to join my giveaway ya ^^

    1. iya ada parabennya :( tapi menurutku paraben memang agak susah buat dihindari kecuali mau usaha keras berpetualang cari produk yang paraben free~
      makasih juga udah mampir, Vee~ :)

  2. mukaku berminyak, berarti ga cocok pake produk ini ya :(
    masih mencari suncreen mana yang bagus hehehe tp bb cream yang sekarang dipakai juga spfnya tinggi :S

    1. Hmm iyah kalo wajahnya berminyak banget kurang rekomen :(
      Coba acnes uv tint atau skinaqua aja say :)
      Tapi sepengalamanku kalo untuk kulit berminyak emg gak bisa pake sunscreen banyak banyak karna bakal gampang berminyak even pake skinaqua yg katanya cocok bgt buat kulit berminyak sekalipun..
      Hehe kalo aku pribadi kurang nampol kalo cuma pake bb cream atau foundie yg ber spf tinggi tp gak pake sunscreen.. Ada yg bilang proteksinya tetep kurang..

  3. asyikkk nemu harta karun lagi. wkwkwk...
    cuuusss langsung beli~~ :D
    tengkiyooo dear <3

    1. hahaha semoga suka juga yaa :)


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