Kamis, 25 Agustus 2011

Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Blush in Fresh Apricot

A month ago there is a new product that I spotted from Maybelline New York, here in Indonesia.
This blush got a pretty much positive review from beauty addict members in Female Daily forum. So, I get a chance to try this one too :)
This blush also very affordable. Just for $4 or Rp37.500 to be exact in Indonesian Rupiah.

My shade is fresh apricot which is some like reddish coral shade. So pretty and look really natural on my cheeks like my natural blushing face.

You must use this blush with a light hand because this one is so pigmented. U just need a little bit color to enchance ur look.

And the texture is so silky & soft! Not powdery at all.. that's why I love this blush. In the pan it look like that it has shimmer on it but when u swatch on your cheek or hand, the shimmer is gone. Like 100 % matte except u see it really really close up like my last swatch at the bottom.

This blush I choose as my everyday blush because the natural shade, lovely texture, and great pigmentation.

Btw u can check another review of this blush on my cute friend Cominica's blog Here :)

So wish u a happy day and see u next time ^^ bye!

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  1. That looks lovely! I didn't see any in Malaysia. Oh I wish they'll bring this here cuz I really hate when the pan is thin and small for a blush.

    p/s: where are you studying sweetie?

  2. Warnanya bagus yah, ada yang matte ga say? Weekend ini hunting blush on, aahh~ ^^

  3. nice color and affordable..
    want to buy it..


  4. I've never tried any Maybelline blushes but they look really pigmented. The color is really pretty against your skintone! ^^

  5. nice blog! we can follow each other if you want


  6. it looks really pigmented! i think i should give it a try!

    anyway, join giveaway opiku yah ;) thanks http://www.stellalee.net/2011/09/01/opi-giveaway-sponsored-by-duniakutek/

  7. @ annyss, i think they will be available in malaysia soon, dear ^^ i was study in Padjadjaran University in Bandung ^^ why Annyss :)?

  8. @ Stephanie, ini jatohnya matte ko ci ^^ bagus deh~ <3 cuba mampir ajah ke konter maybelline ^^

    @ Rana musika, yes it is really lovely ^^ thx for visit dear..

    @ Sheilla, go buy it ^^

    @ Rinny, thx sweetie :D

    @ Mustika hayati, thx dear ^^

    @ Stela lee, yes dont miss this want ^^ for your giveaway, i will dear.. thx for the info ^^

  9. cute and pigmented color.. >,<


  10. aaa, aku pengen coba fresh apricot juga XD
    and pigmented yah, sayang packagingnya agak kurang, piff~

  11. kok komen ku gak kluar2 yaa? *O*

  12. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  13. @ chino-chan, yes it is ^^ very pretty <3

    @ cominica, hiihihi komennya kudu ku approve dulu say baru nongol ^///^
    iya pigmented bangeeet~ my fave blush.. :)

  14. wakakkakak oh gak nongol tulisan approve nya, heheheh jdi malu >////<

  15. wahh warnanya bagus yaa...

  16. @ kawaiinaomi, iya warnanya seger :D


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