Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010

Holiday and new year resolution

Hello bloggie?
I hope you all have a nice holiday.

Gue sempat menghabiskan waktu liburan gue dengan pergi ke desa bayah di daerah jawa barat untuk melakukan tugas sekolah gue dan melakukan photoshoot for my high school yearbook.

The nicest thing that i did in Bayah is when i visited Ciantir Beach in West Java.
I wrote something that i appreciate to my lovely idol SNSD. I'm doing that alone when all of my friend was busy played with the beach wave :p
And i had took a photo of it too.

And the second nice thing is when i did for my yearbook photoshoot which is taking location in f(x) Plaza in Jakarta.
I find soo many f(x) sign everywhere.
And of course it was reminds me about korean girl group F(X) that sibling with SNSD :) and it makes me happy.

So i really enjoy staying there. Bought an ice cream with my friend, walking around before the photoshoot had started.

By the way my class theme for the yearbook is hollywood street style.
I really have no idea what i must to wear so i just take a simple outfit like sneakers, skinny jeans, long tee, & riders leather jacket.
My inspiration is Kate Bosworth who always have a simple chick style.

But in fact we not doing the photoshoot in f(x) at the last.
Because the secure of that place is so tight.
After the long journey to find the good place, finally we did the photoshoot in Taman Menteng.
Yes, that is the place where is U.S President spent his childhood.
And at the Taman Menteng i found Barrack young statue.
Unfortunately i'm can't took the photo because the lighting is not good at the time.

Okay we gonna change the topic.

What is your resolution this year?

Well, i'm is one of the type person who can't realized my own resolution. My plan is always change in the middle of the year.
But i still make new year resolutions :p

And my resolutions for this year is :

- entered good university in Depok, Bandung, or Jogjakarta.

- save my money into my bank account at least Rp.20k every month.

- have my own make up kit.

- have more outfit (actually i would rather to buy some make up or skin care than buy some outfit)

Isn't to much right?
Wish i can reach all of my resolution for this year bloggie..

I'm sorry if my english grammar was so bad.
I'm not that clever in english and this is my first time write blog using english language. And i dont know if i'm using english for the next post.

Anyway, have a great weekend ^^

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